Compressed air production effectivity

Compressed air production effectivity

The goal of the project is to reduce the amount of electricity consumed per cubic meter of compressed air produced per minute by 0.5 kW/m3/min.

As part of the project, an energy-efficient device with an intelligent control system for the production of compressed air will be developed. Compressed air will be produced by a screw-type compression mechanism driven by a permanent magnet motor with an intelligent control unit. An efficient heat removal system will be developed.

The equipment will be designed in three-dimensional design and modeling software. When designing, an energy-efficient arrangement of the equipment's components will be sought.

The new technology will use an oil-cooled permanent magnet motor, which will be controlled by an intelligent control system using a frequency converter, ensuring the efficient operation of the compressor according to the air consumed and adopting the needs of each user. The air flow of the cooling system will be controlled by a separate control unit, so that, following the operation of the compressor, the ambient temperature can provide an economical and uniform oil temperature throughout the load. When working at a uniform working temperature, the lowest electricity consumption is achieved.


The most energy-efficient compressed air production equipment will be used in all production industries - wood industry, food industry, metal processing, car repair shops, where air compressors with asynchronous electric motors with star-delta start or frequency converter control are used.

Target customers are all production companies that need to significantly reduce the amount of electricity consumed per unit of production, or production costs.

The product is new for the economic operator - SIA FONONS has not yet offered customers a compressor manufactured at the Fonons factory with a permanent magnet motor and frequency control developed by FONONS. It will be a new product with new components: a permanent magnet motor and a FONONS programmed control unit for compressor control, sensor reading and overall compressor control. The long-term experience and knowledge of employees will be used in the development of compressor control. The permanent magnet motor with frequency control has been tested currently only in the factory laboratory conditions (TRL4).

After the implementation of the project, it is planned to reach the level of TRL5. As electricity costs increase, the demand for more and more energy-efficient compressed air production equipment - replacement of old equipment that has served for 10 years - is increasing. For a medium-sized Latvian manufacturer with a compressor capacity of 15kW, by offering an energy-efficient compressor that can achieve 30% more efficient air production, a medium-sized company can save up to 8600 kWh per year

Advantages with the products on the market are the aim of the compressor automatic air production with minimal energy consumption. Within the framework of the project, an algorithm will be developed that reacts to pressure reduction according to air consumption and accordingly operates the compressor with low energy consumption. The algorithm will be developed to meet the needs of all manufacturers.

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