ERDF - Promotion of international competitiveness

Promotion of international competitiveness

Project number:

Contract Nr. Nr. SKV-L-2023/129

Support industry:

NACE 2nd ed. group: 25.11

Title: Production of metal structures and their components

We plan to expand our production lines and offer different types of metal products on the market. A wider range of products will increase export opportunities. Adding the production of constructions to the production of pumps and compressors gives the opportunity to build the manufactured pumps and compressors into metal structures, make specially shaped connections and provide the customer with the final product

Metal products that are installed in compressors and pumps. Structures for both compressors and pumps and other production equipment will be made. Expanding the range of welded products will ensure the needs of customers. FONONS compressors are assembled together with equipment that consumes compressed air and for such a product metal structures must be made

We plan to receive the Certificate Steel structural elements with performance class up to EXC2 in accordance with LV EN 1090-2:2018

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